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THE DARK CRYSTAL - Age Of Resistance picture disc (RSD2020)

THE DARK CRYSTAL - Age Of Resistance picture disc (RSD2020)


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Exclusive picture disc edition exclusively made for RSD 2020. The groundbreaking world of Jim Henson's film, The Dark Crystal, has returned with a new Netflix series. Two volumes of music as magical as the land of Thra itself, with large orchestras, old creaky medieval instruments and new otherworldly sounds from newly created devices. Daniel Pemberton is a multi-Golden Globe, Emmy and BAFTA Award-nominated composer.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Crystal Chamber Picture Disc)

Side A:

“The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance” – Daniel Pemberton

“Another World, Another Time” – Daniel Pemberton

“Story Of The Dark Crystal” – Daniel Pemberton

“Rian + Mira Dreamfast” – Daniel Pemberton

“Aughra Awakes” – Daniel Pemberton

“The Crystal Chamber” – Daniel Pemberton

“Essence Draining” – Daniel Pemberton

Side B:

“What Lies At The Dream’s End” – Daniel Pemberton

“Together We Fight” – Daniel Pemberton

“The Blue Flames Part 1” – Daniel Pemberton

“Deet In The Woods” – Samuel Sim

“Speak For The Dead” – Daniel Pemberton

“Brea And The Library” – Samuel Sim

“Her Light Faded” – Daniel Pemberton

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