SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (Ramona Flowers Edition)

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD (Ramona Flowers Edition)


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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Ramona Flowers Edition)

• Three Colours mixed in at random, each color is associated with Ramona Flowers’ hair (in the movie) – images attached. Lucky random dip on what colours come out.

Super ltd 1 per person

Side 1

  1. We Are Sex Bob-Omb - Sex Bob-Omb
  2. Scott Pilgrim - Plumtree
  3. I Heard Ramona Sing - Frank Black
  4. By Your Side - Beachwood Sparks
  5. O Katrina! - Black Lips
  6. I'm So Sad, So Very, Very, Sad - Crash and the Boys
  7. We Hate You Please Die - Crash and the Boys
  8. Garbage Truck - Sex Bob-Omb
  9. Teenage Dream - T-Rex
  10. Sleazy Bed Track - The Bluetones

Side 2

  1. It's Getting Boring By The Sea - Blood Red Shoes
  2. Black Sheep - Metric
  3. Threshold - Sex Bob-Omb
  4. Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl - Broken Social Scene
  5. Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones
  6. Ramona - Acoustic Version - Beck
  7. Ramona - Beck
  8. Summertime - Sex Bob-Omb
  9. Threshold (8 Bit) - Brian LeBarton

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 0.5 cm


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