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RORY MOHON - Darkly Dreaming (Green vinyl)

RORY MOHON - Darkly Dreaming (Green vinyl)


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"It’s a dark, moody affair, populated by 17 nuanced neon-noir synth score cues for a film not yet made. There are moments when this album flows like the Cliff Martinez-Makeup and Vanity Set collaboration that never was, and others when ’80s Vangelis shines through. There are other instances that tend to sound like something released on Burning Witches Records or, yes, like the work of John Carpenter. But it’s never derivative of any of those composers, instead somehow blending all their better angels into something rich and rewarding for the listener.

After I wrote that blurb, I was compelled to send the link to the BWR gents and, as I mentioned above, they were interested. The liner notes feature interviews with Mohon and Makeup and Vanity Set.

The entire world of Darkly Dreaming - disturbances that shift about like cold specters at night and which sit uncomfortably on our chests like anthropomorphized anxiety — manifests intensely through each haunting synth run, shuddering rhythm, and reverberated guitar part on the album’s 17 engaging, unsettling, and slightly hopeful tracks."

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