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Richard Pike - Australian Gangster Cassette

Richard Pike - Australian Gangster Cassette


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Swerving between techno, Krautrock and vintage synthesis, Richard Pike’s thrillingly high-octane score to Channel 7 Australia mini series ‘Australian Gangster’ gets a debut release on Spun Out Of Control. These engagingly varied electronic tracks echo the classic soundtracks of Vangelis as well as the scores to numerous sharp-suited Michael Mann blockbusters.


Cover artwork provided by Eric Adrian Lee. Catalogue number: SOS 051.


Composer Richard Pike on his score for Australian Gangster:


This is my most electronic soundtrack yet, using mainly my vintage synths, with some added dramatic strings and live drums.


Upon first talking to director/writer Gregor Jordan there was the expectation of a hip-hop undercurrent to the score, as the real life Pasquale Barbaro, the ‘gangster’ who inspired the series, dabbled as an amateur rapper. As I continued making demos however, Gregor loved my more Vangelis-inspired pieces and was excited to use them as a kind of aesthetic juxtaposition. So I proceeded to dust off my synths and focus upon a largely analog process. From there it became easy. Gregor wanted to take a musical risk, on what has been promoted as quite a mainstream show in Australia; an opportunity I relished! It’s always the best outcome when directors, editors and producers give you full licence to focus on your art.

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