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Divine Comedy bassist Simon Little turns electronic musician for ‘Moonkeeper’; an epic new album under his Monochrome Echo alias


Spaced-out sounds and skyscraping synth lines abound on ‘Moonkeeper’, the interstellar new album from Divine Comedy bass player Simon Little, recording here as Monochrome Echo. The music is inspired by a love of classic science fiction novels and the movie scores of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and John Carpenter.


Available on two ‘flavours’ of cassette shell via the label Spun Out Of Control – choose from Space Dust or Pitch Black Eclipse – the latter mirrors the cover artwork by Eric Adrian Lee, which in a fitting fashion features concentric solar eclipses. Catalogue number is: SOS 043


Monochrome Echo on ‘Moonkeeper’:


“I love repetitive percussion and bass tracks underpinning sometimes quite heroic sounding themes. Theme-wise, I had the golden age of sci-fi in mind. A lot of these stories revolve around man’s early exploration and expansion into the solar system and first encounters with alien life. I decided to base the story around a network of outposts orbiting the various Jovian moons, one of which comes into contact with a malevolent being calling himself the Moonkeeper. Europa Outpost then loses contact with the other stations, with a rescue mission launched… this album serves as soundtrack to that dramatic series of events.”


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