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Café Kaput - Maritime: Themes & Textures Yellow Vinyl

Café Kaput - Maritime: Themes & Textures Yellow Vinyl


Yellow vinyl, 700 numbered copies with download code.

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Clay Pipe welcomes Cate Brooks back to the label this time under her Café Kaput’ moniker. This is an album about language. Sailing as an activity has a language of its’ own. A dialect, a feeling. There is the language of nomenclature; the technical and descriptive terms used on board, along with the visual signs and codes of the discipline. Exploring somewhat deeper, there is also the undeniable mystique that has surrounded the language of the shipping forecast since it captured the imagination of the public upon its’ inception.

Amongst the deepest leagues, there is a third language; something very ephemeral and non- verbal. The way the concept of sailing makes us feel; what it means to us personally. Looking out to the middle distance, watching a lone boat on a calm sea- what goes through your mind? This album explores those emotions and offers a few possible answers. Cate Brooks, 2022.

01. Waves & Knots 02.Sea Kites 03. Easterly Four or Five 04. Tug Boat 05. Light Vessel Automatic 06.Inshore Waters 07. Mid December 08. A Surface Like Glass 09. Maritime


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