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Electronic artist Hattie Cooke’s ‘The Sleepers’ LP is re-mastered for an all-new vinyl edition on Spun Out Of Control


Cinematic synth album ‘The Sleepers’ re-awakens on vinyl for 2021, with an all-new master and a freshly recorded bonus track of the same name that wasn’t on the previous sold out cassette release/s. The new edition, once again on Spun Out Of Control and this time pressed on aquamarine vinyl, mixes upbeat synth bangers with hauntological drones and emotionally atmospheric instrumentals.


Electronic Sound magazine says of Hattie Cooke’s ‘The Sleepers’: ‘An enjoyably dark and woozy musical journey, perfect for a case Mulder and Scully would relish…’


The cover artwork for this first-ever vinyl issue has been re-imagined by original artist Eric Adrian Lee. Initially mastered by Nicholas Langley, the new 2021 vinyl master is by Antony Ryan. Retail copies include a download card.


Limited to 350 hand-numbered copies worldwide with Obi strip, anti static inner sleeve and plastic over bag, the vinyl LP’s catalogue number is SOOC LP7.


The story behind ‘The Sleepers’, written by Hattie Cooke:


People everywhere are falling asleep and not waking up, but nobody knows why. As the scientific community struggles to find a cure, a violent, new cult known as ‘the sect’ emerges with a mission: to sacrifice the sleepers and achieve absolution. One morning, Maude awakes to find her sleeping son taken by the sect in the night. Searching for answers, she infiltrates the sect posing as a new convert. But she soon finds herself facing unexpected problems when she begins to fall for a fellow member who seems different from the rest. Will Maude find the answers she’s looking for?

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