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ERR REC Library Vol​.​3 Wild Life - V/A

ERR REC Library Vol​.​3 Wild Life - V/A


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The ERR REC Library collection has finally returned for the third edition! After dwelling in Urban Spaces (Vol. 1) and discovering Science & Technology (Vol. 2), we have the pleasure of announcing Vol. 3 - Wild Life/Vie sauvage.

Turning attention towards all things natural - the great green beyond, wild animals in their natural habitat, and the bio-diversity that we plunder relentlessly, this concept album takes shape thanks to a group of outstanding composers and their bevy of analogue synthesizers, combined with various electric and acoustic instruments.

Artists include: Zélie Zénon (À trois sur la plage) , Amosphère, La Plongée, Bettina Kee (Ornette), Alexis Lumière, Julien Rachedi (aka Bertrand de Rombières), Vincent Taeger (Tiger Tigre), Etienne Jaumet (Zombie Zombie), Vincent Taurelle (The Jazz Bastards), Fred Pallem (Le Sacre du Tympan), Armand Bultheel (Agar Agar).

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