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E - Complications vinyl

E - Complications vinyl


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A group formed of some of Boston's most legendary post-hardcore players, having done time for Thrill Jockey, Matador, Karate, Neptune, Come, this is a record for ALL folk still getting a buzz from Dischord, Touch And Go, Mission Of Burma, Classic SY. This is the business!


E, the Boston based trio of Gavin McCarthy, Jason Sidney Sanford and Thalia Zedek will release their 3rd full length album, “Complications” on April 21st of 2020 on the Silver Rocket/Lokal Rekorc label. Recorded by Andy Hong (Kimchee Records) and mixed by Seth Manchester (Lightning Bolt, Battles, The Body) at Machines with Magnets, the new album continues E’s exploration of sound and instrumentation begun in their self-titled 2016 debut and 2018’s “Negative Work”.

Though McCarthy, Sanford and Zedek all have strong and well developed individual musical personalities, E has been a highly collaborative endeavor since inception. This record involves even more melding than the previous ones, with all 3 members sharing lead vocal and lyrical duties equally.

Sanford, long known for designing the unique instruments used in his band Neptune, debuts yet another guitar and an assortment of new inventions for the 9 songs on “Complications.”  A favorite is the electronic “monosequencer,” a machine triggered by stomping which plays a short sequence of bass notes. The requirement that the sequence be re-triggered each time keeps the role of the body present in the choice to employ technology while retaining a human touch.

Fueled by drummer Gavin McCarthy’s explosive precision and the sub sonic depth charges of Sanford’s various devices, “Complications” is at once jarring and danceable. Thalia Zedek’s melodic guitar lines and vocals weave in and around Sanford’s and McCarthy’s parts, adding both shading and warmth to the sound (though Zedek also deploys bursts of extreme noise at times.)

The subject matter of the songs deals with life in present times, in many cases through the medicalization of modern experience. E explores new meanings of disease, virus and infection in today’s world (Contagion Model, Acid Mantle, Miasma) as well as expressing hope for the future and self healing. (Sunrise, Apiaries Near Me, Like a Leaf.)

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