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Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, in the country of Transylvania, lies the castle of one who would have domain over all evil on Earth ... and with that blood and the fury comes the captivating and hypnotic music of BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA. Directed by cinema legend Francis Ford Coppola, the film looks back to the original 1897 text for a unique, blood-soaked vision. For the score, Coppola picked the great Polish composer Wojciech Kilar, whose brooding themes and dark choral textures have become the standard for the music of vampiric cinema. Working with Coppola's vision of the film as a tragic love story, Kilar conjured up a heartbreakingly beautiful, yet violent, tone poem that exquisitely encapsulates the darkness and passion of Stoker's classic narrative. However, love never dies, and neither does great music.


Side A

1. Dracula / The Beginning 6:41

2. Vampire Hunters 3:05

3. Mina’s Photo 1:26

4. Lucy’s Party 2:57

5. The Brides 4:56

6. The Storm 5:05

Side B

7. Love Remembered 4:11

8. The Hunt Builds 3:26

9. The Hunters Prelude 1:29

10. The Green Mist  0:54

11. Mina/Dracula 4:48

12. The Ring Of Fire 1:54

13. Love Eternal 2:23

14. Ascension 0:50

15. End Credits 6:43

16. Love Song for a Vampire - Annie Lennox 4:21

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 32 × 32 × .50 cm


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